Escort München service

Escort München service

Every escort that the escort München service comes representing is a beautiful, stunning woman with a curvy body of her own and an extremely attractive personality. These gorgeous women are always fully aware of how to turn on a man and get him to do just that. The high class escort in Germany possesses a perfect match up to any kind of lover.

One particular escort in Germany is called “Sophie”, she is twenty-three years of age and is originally from Austria. She has a perfect straight slender body with a small fit toned stomach, nice full breasts that are perky and of the most feminine type. The German lady’s body has that alchemical quality that allows her to look young as well as professionally polished. At the same time “Sophie” has the ability to make any gentleman that is fortunate enough to have her accompany him to any sort of function or getaway look absolutely stunningly beautiful. This particular escorts business lunch is held in the early afternoon in front of the Schloss Charlottenburg, which is located in the district of Wedding.

“Sophie” and her companion “Caroline” are the perfect high class escorts in Germany that most people will agree. These two ladies each carry a very expensive Cologne called “Chateau Maman”. This expensive Cologne is a trademark of its creators Peter Schimmel and Dirk Glow. “Chateau Maman” is a brand of perfume that is extremely popular among the upscale German clientele. All of the escort Germany escorts carry this outstanding brand of perfume, which is very expensive due to the fact that it is only made in the most luxurious of formulations and with the finest ingredients that are available.

“Sophie” and “Caroline” are scheduled to go to dinner at a small, yet very elegant and romantic, country club that is only located in the district of Wedding. The cost for this trip is somewhere in the range of four hundred to one thousand dollars. The cost of this dinner is part of the package that the escort agency Germany is offering to any gentleman that wishes to accompany “Sophie” or “Caroline”. In addition to dinner, the agency Germany will also provide the gentleman with a round of cocktails at a very reasonable price. The total price of this outing is approximately seven hundred dollars.

After dinner, “Sophie” and “Caroline” were to visit the Schloss Charlottenburg where the elite belong. “Sophie” and “Caroline” arrived at the Schloss Charlottenburg about half an hour early, as requested. This was to ensure that they would be in position to greet all of the important people that were expected to be at the dinner. During their short stay, the beautiful escort Germany recognized and welcomed four members of the entourage that accompanied “Sophie” and “Caroline”, which were Mrs. Theodoros van der Graaff, the President of the university, Mrs. Silvia von der Moltke-Petry, the Vice-president of the university and Mr. Joost de Kok were the other members of the entourage.

While touring the university, the escort model German lady noticed that there was a fountain that was extremely impressive. She noted that it was placed in the quadrangle area. Later in her travels, she noticed that there was another fountain in the same area that was fashioned in the same manner. Upon learning that the fountain was funded by the university and that Joost de Kok, the current President of the university, commissioned it, “Sophie” decided to honor him by giving him a business lunch as a gift.

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