Is it safe to work as an escort

Is it safe to work as an escort

Is it safe to work as an escort? Ask any Nuneaton escort agency and they will tell you that it’s the first question girls ask when applying for an escort job. The worry comes from the statistic that sixty escorts have been murdered in Britain over the last ten years. The homicide rate for sex workers in Britain is twelve times higher than for other women. Murders of escorts are the largest group of unsolved murders. The media portrays escort work as a dangerous occupation. 

The answer is, working as an escort who is advertised by an escort agency is perfectly safe. It is not safe, or there is more risk, if girls work as independent escorts. Here’s why: 

Independent escorts are high-risk victims because they willingly put themselves in dangerous situations as part of their job. They agree to meet with client´s in private places, not telling anyone where they’re going and not knowing the name or true identity of the client. They are easier to lure into a violent situation. Independent escorts are vulnerable, so their attackers, rapists or murders have the opportunity to get away with their crimes. Independent escorts are usually extra private and secretive. They have no colleges to confide in. So, the criminal is free to move onto the next unsuspecting independent escort, unnoticed. Getting away with it again and again. They feel they cannot report crimes committed against them.  

It is significantly safer to work as an escort with the help and support of an escort agency. Escort agency girls are not easy targets. It is unheard of that an escort who is represented by an escort agency is ever attacked, threatened, raped, hurt or murdered. This is because the clients are vetted; phone numbers, names, addresses or the use of credit cards.  The escort agency knows who the escort is going to meet and at what time. The escort contacts the escort agency to say when she has arrived and that the appointment is beginning. The same applies when the appointment has finished. If the escort agency does not get informed of the appointment finishing, then someone is sent to find her. That usually being the security driver who is discretely waiting around the corner. The driver takes her to the booking, waits and takes her home or to the next job. (Isn’t it disgraceful however, that this driver is actually committing a crime by taking her, according to the law!) Agency escorts never go missing. Clients know that they would be stupid to even try and be violent because they would be caught. Despite the legalities, an escort agency will always ring the police if an escort feels threatened or vulnerable. No risks are taken when it comes to the safety and security of escorts!  

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