Why some of our escorts take a break.

Why some of our escorts take a break.

There comes a time when escorts need a break from work. Escort work can be mentally and physically challenging. Leading a secret double life. Always making sure you look good in your appearance. Not showing your true personal emotions for the sake of your client. What used to excite them about being an escort has become a hindrance. Working as an escort can be intensive! It can all take its toll on an escort’s performance and behaviour.  

Escorting can be a high stress work environment. There is high demand to be a perfect date! If you’re not, you get a bad review and another escort is chosen by the client. Lack of appointments from clients means less income. She may define herself by her work and fear that taking a break will lose her escort identity. This can make them feel trapped because they need the money, but they no longer get job satisfaction or motivation. This can lead to not turning up for work and depression. Because escort work is secretive, some girls feel that they lack support. They can’t go home and tell their friends and family about something that is bothering them at work. 

When Nuneaton escorts feel stressed, this is dangerous to their health. Stress can be felt all over the escorts body. She will feel drained. And may have a persistent headache. This is because the tired brain has to control everything in her body. 

Escorting is also the most erotic Adult work. In the bigger cites like Birmingham for example, an escort can see between 4 and 10 different clients a day. So its very telling on the body and mind.

Escorts can burn themselves out. They begin to get complaints from clients about their poor attitude, performance. They lack passion for their client’s wellbeing and are less productive at work. They make careless mistakes. Or can become upset, over sensitive and irritated over a client’s behavior, that normally would not have been an issue. She may feel exhausted and tired, despite only working part time.  

An escort needs a break from her job to become refreshed, motivated and re-energised. She literally needs to recharge. She has over-exerted herself. Having a break as an escort can ensure she is rested, recovered and can bounce back to her professional functioning self. She needs to look after her own well-being before she can focus on the wellbeing of her clients. An escort who feels like she needs a break from work should talk to her escort agency. It’s likely that they have already noticed and suggested to the escort to take a well earnt rest! 

If an escort feels like quitting her job, instead of taking a break. If she has increased alcohol consumption. Or even began taking drugs to get her through work. Then this is the time to retire from escorting. Whilst every person in the world needs a break from their stressful job at times. When it comes to drugs and alcohol, this means it is time to quit.  

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